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Saturday, January 19, 2013 @ Baruch College, NYC
Bayside (Queens) def. Hills West (Long Island), 69-57
MVP – Daquise Andrews (Bayside), 25 pts, 16 rebs, 6 asts
Sportsmanship – Terry Harris (LI Lutheran), 20pts, 11 rebs
Academic Achievement – Zhang Jiu Yang (Bayside) & Marcus Solomon (Hills West)

Wings (Bronx) def. East Boston (MA), 73-30
MVP – JaeQuan Brown (Wings), 18pts, 8 rebs, 3 stls
Sportsmanship – Will March (E. Boston), 15pts, 5 rebs
Academic Achievement – JaeQuan Brown (Wings) & Amilcar Guevara (E. Boston)

St. Frances (MD) def. Curtis (Staten Island), 51-46
MVP – Tevon Saddler (St. Frances), 15pts, 5 rebs, 3 stls
Sportsmanship – Hassan Martin (Curtis), 15pts, 14 rebs
Academic Achievement – Tevon Saddler (St. Frances) & Chris Raqueno (Curtis)

Thomas Jefferson (Brooklyn) def. Coolidge, 66-53
MVP – Jermaine Faison (Thomas Jefferson), 19pts, 5 rebs, 22 min
Sportsmanship – David Kadiri (Coolidge), 21pts, 10 rebs
Academic Achievement – Enolio Silfa (Thomas Jefferson) & Malik Smith (Coolidge)

South Shore (Brooklyn) def. Princeton Day Academy (MD), 64-63
MVP – Terrence Samuel (South Shore), 21pts, 5 asts, 4 rebs, 4 stls
Sportsmanship – Emmanuel Omogbo (Princeton Day Academy), 11pts, 13 rebs, 2blks, 2 stls
Academic Achievement – Shamiek Sheppard (South Shore) & William Tchiengang (Princeton Day Academy)

Monday, January 21, 2013 @ Baruch College, NYC
LI Lutheran (Long Island) def. Bayside (Queens), 58-55
MVP – Chris Atkinson (LI Lutheran), 18pts, 4 asts, 4 stls
Sportsmanship – Austin Williams (Bayside), 13pts, 9 rebs, 4 asts
Academic Achievement – Devante Moore (LI Lutheran) & Zhang Jiu Yang (Bayside)

Curtis (Staten Island) def. Princeton Day School (NJ), 62-58
MVP – Hassan Martin (Curtis), 24pts, 13 rebs, 6 blks
Sportsmanship – Davon Reed (Princeton Day School), 23pts, 12 rebs, 4 asts, 2 stls, 2 blks
Academic Achievemet – Chris Raqueno (Curtis) & Tom Martino (Princeton Day School)

Massanutten Military Academy (VA) def. Vermont Academy (VT), 77-63
MVP – Deandre Burnett (Massanutten Military Academy), 25pts, 4 stls
Sportsmanship – Richard Williams (Vermont Academy), 15 pts, 6 rebs, 2 stls
Academic Achievemet – QJ Peterson (Massanutten Military Academy) & George Funtarov (Vermont Academy)

South Shore (Brooklyn) def. Pope John XXIII (NJ), 75-62
MVP – Terrence Samuel (South Shore), 17pts, 6 asts, 3 rebs, 3 stls
Sportsmanship – Moustapha Diagne (Pope John), 25pts, 16 rebs, 3 blks, 2 stls
Academic Achievement – David Tate (South Shore) & Matt Zignorski (Pope John)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


1pm – Academy of the New Church (PA) def. Long Island Lutheran (NY), 51-47

Academic Achievement – Marcus Gilbert, Academy of the New Church, 3.0 GPA

Academic Achievement – Zach Goodman, L.I. Lutheran, Star Honor Roll, 95 AVG

Sportsmanship -Ryan DeNicola, 13pts, 9rebs,

MVP – Marcus Gilbert, 16pts, 6rebs, 4blks, 3asts, 2stls


3pm – Wings Academy (Bronx) def. Robert Vaux (PA), 71-40  

Academic Achievement – Jose Ayala, Wings, 94.5 AVG

Academic Achievement – Simeon Chaplin, Vaux, 3.6 GPA

Sportsmanship – Rysheed Jordan, Vaux, 15pts, 8rebs

MVP – Justin Jenkins, Wings, 19pts, 10rebs, 5asts


5pm – New London (CT) def. Benjamin Cardozo (Queens), 80-76

Academic Achievement – Khaleed Fields, New London, MLK Scholarship Recipient, Nat’l Honor Society, 3.7 GPA

Academic Achievement – Daniel Janel, Benjamin Cardozo, 98 AVG

Sportsmanship – Tajay Henry, Benjamin Cardozo, 24pts, 11rebs

MVP – Kris Dunn, New London, 35pts, 8rebs, 7asts, 3blks, 3stls


 7pm – Mount Vernon (NY) def. South Shore (Brooklyn), 55-54

Academic Achievement – Qwadere Lovell, Mount Vernon, 3.6 GPA

Academic Achievement – Terrence Samuel, South Shore, 3.4 GPA

Sportsmanship – Wayne Martin, South Shore, 10pts, 8rebs

MVP – Randy Stephens, Mount Vernon, 12pts, 6rebs, 4asts, 3stls, 1blk


Monday, January 16, 2012


12pm – Bayside (Queens) def. Princeton Day School (NJ), 56-49 

Academic Achievement – Corey Mittenthal, Bayside, 82 AVG

Academic Achievement – Buzz Poltrak, Princeton Day School, 3.6 GPA

Sportsmanship – Uzonna Akazi, Bayside, 14pts, 13rebs

MVP – Davon Reed, Princeton Day School, 25pts, 22rebs, 6blks


1:45pm – Notre Dame Prep (MA) def. St. Thomas More (CT), 79-72

Academic Achievement – Roger Paul, Notre Dame Prep, 98 AVG

Academic Achievement – Taylor Mulvey, St. Thomas More

Sportsmanship – A.J. English, St. Thomas More, 14pts, 10rebs

MVP – Steven Adams, Notre Dame Prep, 18pts, 10asts, 5blks


3:45pm – Mount Vernon (NY) def. Benjamin Cardozo (Queens), 58-49

Academic Achievement – Jalen David, Mount Vernon, 3.3 GPA

Academic Achievement – Edwin Sainvill, Cardozo, 88 AVG

Sportsmanship – Ryan Yearwood, Cardozo, 12pts, 4rebs, 2blks, 2stls

MVP – Isaiah Cousins, Mount Vernon, 19pts, 5rebs, 5stls


 5:30pm – Abraham Lincoln (Bklyn) def. Robert Vaux (PA), 77-42

Academic Achievement – Anaselrahm Abdu, Abraham Lincoln, 93 AVG

Academic Achievement – Khalif Tinsley, Robert Vaux, 3.2 GPA

Sportsmanship – Amir Butler, Robert Vaux, 14pts

MVP – Ian Vasquez, Abraham Lincoln, 18pts, 3asts


Saturday, January 15, 2011


12pm – L.I. Lutheran (Long Island) def. Paul Robeson (Brooklyn), 55-43 

Academic Achievement – Zach Goodman (LI Lutheran) & Kadeem Stanislas (Paul Robeson)

Sportsmanship – Tremayne Frazier (Paul Robeson), 10pts

MVP – Achraf Yacoubou (LI Lutheran), 21pts, 9rebs, 2stls


1:45pm –  Benjamin Cardozo (Queens) def. Patterson (MD), 62-61  

Academic Achievement – Lee Fowlkes (Patterson) & Marquis Barnett (Benjamin Cardozo)

Sportsmanship – Aquille Carr (Patterson), 34pts, 8stls, 4asts

MVP – Shelton Mickell (Benjamin Cardozo), 19pts


3:30pm – Notre Dame Prep (MA) def. South Kent (CT), 86-70

Academic Achievement – Charles Swain (Notre Dame) & Jabrille William (South Kent)

Sportsmanship – Maurice Harkless (South Kent), 14pts, 10rebs, 2blks

MVP – Khem Birch (Notre Dame Prep), 18pts, 12rebs, 2blks


5:30pm –  Friends Central (PA) def. Quality Education (NC), 63-50

Academic Achievement – Anthony Fields (Quality Education) & Michael Micnowicz (Friends Central)

Sportsmanship – Anthony Fields (Quality Education), 17pts

MVP – Devin Coleman (Friends Central), 30pts, 12rebs, 4blks, 2stls


 7:15pm – Baltimore City College High (MD) vs. Thomas Jefferson (Bklyn), 63-46  

Academic Achievement – Rasheed Rashawn (Baltimore City College) & Nazai Stokes (Thomas Jefferson)

Sportsmanship – Nick Faust (Baltimore City College), 22pts, 7rebs

MVP – Tyquan Goodlett (Thomas Jefferson), 10pts, 5ats, 2stls


Monday, January 17, 2011


11am – Hillhouse (CT) def. Paul Robeson (Brooklyn), 74-65

Sportsmanship – Darrel Lucky (Paul Robeson), 32pts

MVP – Drew Krudup (Hillhouse), 31pts, 2blks, 2stls


12:45pm – St. Thomas More (CT) def. Quality Education (NC), 73-59 

Sportsmanship – Dom Pointer (Quality Education), 35pts, 10rebs, 4asts

MVP – Andre Drummond (St. Thomas More), 17pts, 11rebs



2:45pm – L.I. Lutheran (Long Island) def. Rice (Manhattan), 72-63 

Sportsmanship – Jermaine Sanders (Rice), 20pts, 6ebs

MVP – Achraf Yacoubou (LI Lutheran), 27pts, 14rebs


 4:30pm –Abraham Lincoln (Brooklyn) def. Hills West (Long Island), 74-38

Sportsmanship – Tavon Sledge (Hills West), 13pts

MVP – Shaquille Stokes (Lincoln), 17pts


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wings (Bronx) def. Peekskill (NY), 87-63

MVP – Krystian Foriest (Wings), 18pts

Sportsmanship – Daquan Brickhouse (Peekskill), 17pts   


Winchendon (MA) def. Impact Academy (NV), 84-53

 MVP – Eric Ferguson (Winchendon), 18pts

Sportsmanship – Joey De La Rosa (Impact), 18pts  


Cardozo (Queens) def. St. Raymond (Bronx), 66-57 

 MVP – Ryan Rhomes (Benjamin Cardozo), 14pts

Sportsmanship – Nkeruwem Okoro (St. Raymond), 19pts  


Boys and Girls (Bklyn) def. L.I. Lutheran (L.I.), 53-40 

MVP – Antoine Slaughter (Boys and Girls), 18pts

Sportsmanship – Hart Gliedman (Long Island Lutheran), 16pts


Monday, January 18, 2010

L.I. Lutheran (L.I.) def. Forest Hills (Queens), 60-49

MVP – Achraf Yacoubou (L.I. Lutheran), 19pts, 13 rebs

Sportsmanship – Nicholas Padgett (Forest Hills), 16pts, 4stls


Acad. of the New Church (PA) def. Impact Acad (NV), 85-70

MVP – Savon Goodman (Acad. of the New Church), 32pts, 12 rebs

Sportsmanship – Omar Grier (Impact), 26pts


Life Center Academy (NJ) def. Hotchkiss (CT), 72-54

MVP –  LaQuinton Ross (LIfe Center Academy) – 25pts,13 rebs

Sportsmanship – Jason Morris (Hotchkiss), 22pts, five asts


 Plymouth Whitemarsh (PA) def. St. Raymond (Bronx), 63-54

MVP – CJ Aiken (Plymouth Whitemarsh), 12pts, 13 rebs, eight blks

Sportsmanship – Devin Brooks (St. Raymond) – 20pts, nine rebs


Hills West (Long Island) def. Bishop Loughlin (Bklyn), 75-72 (OT)

MVP – Tavon Sledge (Hills West), 21pts

Sportsmanship – Jayvaughn Pinkston (Bishop Loughlin) 34pts,14 rebs


Saturday, January 17, 2009 @ Baruch College – NYC


Benjamin Cardozo (Queens) def. St. Peter’s (Staten Island), 67-54

MVP – Reynaldo Walters (Cardozo), 20pts, 5asts, 2stls

Sportsmanship – Lenny Ragaglia (St. Peter’s), 18pts

Academic Achievement – Chang Jae Kim, Cardozo (92 avg) & Frank Lewis, St. Peter’s (92 avg, 1280 SAT) 


Notre Dame Prep (MA) def. Apex (NJ), 100-69

MVP – Sean Kilpatrick (Notre Dame Prep), 21pts, 7asts, 4stls

Sportsmanship – Malcolm Pope (Apex), 19pts

Academic Achievement – Jake Barnett, Notre Dame Prep (3.3 GPA) & Arthur Morrison (Apex)


Thomas Jefferson (Bklyn) def. L.I. Lutheran (Long Island), 59-55

MVP – Keith Spellman (Thomas Jefferson), 21pts, 10rebs, 6stls, 3blks

Sportsmanship – Tyler Harris (L.I. Lutheran), 22pts, 14rebs

Academic Achievement – Joel Wright (Thomas Jefferson), Stephen Shamar (L.I. Lutheran)


Rice (Manhattan) def. Pine Crest (FL), 70-53

MVP – Durand Scott (Rice), 26pts, 11rebs

Sportsmanship – Brandon Knight (Pine Crest), 23pts

Academic Achievement – Charles Fenner (Rice), Brandon Knight (Pine Crest)


Jamesville-Dewitt (Syracuse) def. Lincoln (Brooklyn), 75-63

MVP – Brandon Triche (Jamesville-Dewitt), 20pts, 4asts, 2stls

Sportsmanship – Lance Stephenson (Lincoln), 15pts, 5stls, 4asts

Academic Achievement – will be posted shortly


Monday, January 19, 2009 @ Hunter College – NYC


Archbishop Molloy (Queens) def. Greenport (Long Island), 85-62

MVP – Russ Smith (Archbishop Molloy), 41pts, 8asts, 7rebs, 4stls

Sportsmanship – Dantre Lanthorne (Greenport) 25pts, 13rebs, 5asts, 2blks

Academic Achievement – Thomas Hoffman (Archbishop Molloy) & Wally Sorenson (Greenport)


Pine Crest (FL) def.  Bishop Loughlin (Brooklyn), 90-80

MVP – Brandon Knight (Pine Crest), 43pts, 10rebs

Sportsmanship – Jayvaughn Pinkston (Lough), 28pts, 12rebs, 4asts, 2blks

Academic Achievement – Brandon Knight, Pine Crest (4.0 GPA) & Anthony Hamer , Bishop Loughlin 


Rice (Manhattan) def. Long Island Lutheran (Long Island), 71-45

MVP – Kadeem Jack (Rice), 11pts, 8rebs

Sportsmanship – Achraf Yocoubou (L.I. Lutheran), 24pts, 3stls

Academic Achievement – Jack Middleton (Bishop Loughlin) & Derek Klein (L.I. Lutheran)


 Blair (NJ) def. St. Thomas More (CT), 65-51

MVP – Austin Johnson (Blair), 16pts

Sportsmanship – Andrew Davis (St. Thomas More), 12pts

Academic Achievement – Nathaniel Reichel (Blair) & Robert Harrigan (St. Thomas More)



Saturday, January 19, 2008 @ Baruch College – NYC

12pm –  Poly Prep (Brooklyn) def. St. Dominic (Long Island), 46-36

MVP – Ian Goldberg (Poly Prep) 16pts, 3asts

Sportsmanship – Brian Katz (St. Dominic) 14pts, 7rebs

Academic Achievement: Ian Goldberg (Poly Prep) & Dylan Abruscato (St. Dominic)


12:45pm –  Pennsbury (PA) def. Wadleigh (Manhattan), 74-49

MVP – Dalton Pepper (Pennsbury) 40pts, 8rebs – 31 min

Sportsmanship – Curtis Loving (Wadleigh) 13pts, 5reb

Academic Achievement: Jesse Krasna (Pennsbury) & Obakemi Alesi (Wadleigh)


2:30pm –  White Plains (NY) vs. Canarsie (Brooklyn), 82-79 (OT)

MVP – Sean Kilpatrick (White Plains) 44pts, 7 rebs

Sportsmanship – Vincent Mattos (Canarsie) 25pts, 4rebs

Academic Achievement: Nick Cutsumpas (White Plains) & Vincent Mattos (Canarsie)


4:15pm –  Apex (NJ) vs. Hun (NJ), 61-40

MVP – Markieff Morris (Apex) 24pts, 15rebs – 26min

Sportsmanship – Lance Goulbourne (Hun) 11pts, 9rebs

Academic Achievement: Chris Martin (Apex) & Peter Johnson (Hun)


6pm –  San Diego (CA) def. New London (CT), 47-41

MVP – Patrick McCollum (San Diego) 15pts, 10rebs, 5asts

Sportsmanship – Allan Chaney (New London) 21pts, 15rebs

Academic Achievement: Faras Abdi (San Diego) & Allan Chaney (New London)


7:45pm –  Cardozo (Queens) def. Archbishop Carroll (DC), 56-55

MVP – Trinity Fields (Cardozo) 12pts, 9rebs, 8asts

Sportsmanship – Rodney McGruder (Archbishop Carroll) 15pts

Academic Achievement – Terrence Carter (Cardozo) & Alexander Mitrovic)



Monday, January 21, 2008 @ Baruch College – NYC

11am – Hills West (Long Island) def. All Hallows (Bronx), 57-46

MVP – Tobias Harris (Hills West) 27pts, 7rebs

Sportsmanship – Tevin Williams (All Hallows)

Academic Achievement – John Conneely (Hills West) & Danin Alexander (All Hallows)


12:45pm –  Benjamin Cardozo (Qns) def. San Diego (CA), 71-49

MVP – Trinity Fields (Benjamin Cardozo) 24pts, 6rebs, 4asts

Sportsmanship – Patrick McCoullum 25pts, 14rebs, 3asts

Academic Achievement – Vincent Scott (Benjamin Cardozo) & Raymond Scott (San Diego)


2:30pm –  Boys and Girls (Bklyn) def. Queen of Peace (NJ) 63-44

MVP – Brandon Romain (Boys and Girls) 21pts, 8rebs

Sportsmanship – Bilal Dixon (Queen of Peace) 20pts, 15rebs

Academic Achievement – Shalik Jenkins (Boys and Girls) & Dwayne Moffatt (Queen of Peace)


4:15pm – Notre Dame Prep (MA) def. Blair (NJ), 77-67

MVP – Kim English (Notre Dame Prep) 21pts, 8 rebs

Sportsmanship – Austin Johnson (Blair) 28pts, 14 rebs

Academic Achievement – Alex Dempsey (Notre Dame Prep) & Brandan Fahey (Blair)


6pm – American Christian (PA) def. St. Thomas More (CT), 83-72

MVP – Lamont Jones (American Christian) 29pts

Sportsmanship – Devin Ebanks (St. Thomas More) 31pts, 16rebs

Academic Achievement – Oscar Griffin (American Christian) & Luke Barrett (St. Thomas More)